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We offer the following products to help your organization with their operational and data needs. Please contact us at to find out more.


Cost of doing business is a reporting and analytics tool. What we provide is a data mart, data warehouse and some predefined reports that help you analyze your business trends and the true cost of doing business. Please contact us at to find out more

Consultant Management System

Consultant Management System is a one stop tool that is used to store / manage and analyze the performance and productivity of your consultants. It helps store your contracts, forecast revenue and reports on planned vs actual. Please contact us at to find out more

Room Pricing

This product is meant for the hotel industry and helps plan and forecast the price of room. We analyze your existing and historic data, look at events in your vicinity and help forecast the price that should be set for rooms in the coming quarter. Please contact us at to find out more

Time Keeper

TimeKeeper is  an application that runs on multiple platforms and browsers.  It requires minimal installation.   Options available to have time entries saved in your respective back end solutions (MS Dynamics / Oracle / SAP) in real time. Please contact us at to find out more


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